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Unique and Interesting Wedding Themes


1. Mad Hatter – Any color scheme can be used for a Mad Hatter theme. Often, green and purple are used, but if you have other colors that you prefer, use them. Out of the ordinary is what is expected at a Mad Hatter theme! Decorate tables with table covers and centerpieces of different teapots, surrounded by bright flowers. If you use vases, use several differing kinds. Cakes are usually “topsy-turvy” and asymmetrical. Serve dainty finger foods, ie tea sandwiches -watercress, cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, and basil, etc. Serve small pastries and desserts as well – scones, cupcakes, mini-iced brownies, mini-cheesecake. Use mix-matched plates for serving, or at least use different patterned plates for each meal. Make sure to serve tea as well! Cute tea bags, or tea pot shaped chocolates make excellent favors. Use playing cards, tea cups, tea pot, and clocks as decorations.
2. Oriental – Decorate in colors of red, black, and silver. Use motifs of dragons, swans, origami. Serve oriental food – your favorite dishes, or if your family makes a specific dish, have that included. There are many gourmet oriental foods that you can have if you are having a formal wedding, such as different sushis, spring rolls or wontons filled with luxurious meats like lobster or filet mignon. For favors, give out custom fortune cookies with a fortune on one side, and the other side thanking the guests for joining you. There are many websites where you can purchase many different kinds of fortune cookies such as, Fortune Cookie Supply, or Fancy Fortune Cookies, which is often used by celebrities, and even comes with endorsement of the hit, The Secret.
As a centerpiece, have a bonsai tree in the center of each table, and use cherry blossoms as some of your floral decorations. Use bamboo wood wherever you can, especially if you can use bamboo plates. If not, try to use square plates.
3. Mardi Gras – Decorate in purple, green, and gold. Orange, green, and purple is also common. Serve King’s Cake additionally, to the wedding cake. Decorate with masquerade and jester’s masks, crowns, comedy and tragedy masks, doubloons (gold coins), and of course, beads. For favors, give out miniature masks or stamped mask shaped cookies. You could also have either the beads or the doubloons customized for your wedding. Or give out little bottles of hot sauce, with custom labels.
Typically, masks at a Mardi Gras themed are less formal than a masquerade -think metallic, and sequins. Serve Cajun food – Gumbo, Shrimp, Hush Puppies, Oysters, Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya, Crab cocktail, or any other seafood dish. For dessert serve French doughnuts (beignets), Pralines, Crepes, and Bread pudding. Also serve bourbon, if you are serving alcohol. Your cake should be colorful, and fun. Consider getting married in New Orleans, or in a older hotel, or on a boat. Fancy Faces Special Events makes beautiful formal decorations
4. Mermaid – Besides all shades of blue to represent the sea, other colors good for a mermaid theme wedding are green, and purple. Decorate with starfish, seashells, smooth “river” rocks. For centerpieces, put a mirror down on the table, with a candle in the center, surrounded by seashells. Cover tables with blue table covers, with a transparent gauze cloth over top of it – you can vary colors between blue, green, and purple. There are many beautiful mermaid statues and fountains, including table fountains. A table fountain would be lovely to have centered in a table, with different desserts around it. Include lots of seafood, also chicken dishes, or dishes with water chestnut, and kelp would match the theme well.
5. Italian – Food is one of the most important things in Italian weddings. Foods for good luck often at Italian weddings are: twists of fried dough, powdered with sugar ‘bow ties’, and an Italian wedding candy ‘confetti’ of almonds covered with candy, representing the bitter and the sweet in the life. Wine, and pasta, would both be important to Italian weddings. At traditional Italian weddings, there is generally a dessert table with a large cake made of Italian cookies. A cookie dance is started much like a line dance where the bride and groom lead guests dancing around the reception area, and then over to the cookie cake where each person takes a cookie. The non-dancers can then take cookies also.
A typical Italian wedding meal is at least a seven-course meal, beginning with an antipasta salad (cold salad with thin slices of Italian meats such as prosciutto, ham and salami, cheese, peppers, and olives). Typically, the next courses are as following: pasta (such as ziti, manicotti, etc), chicken or some other meat (You can use a carving station), hot dishes (chicken marsala, fettucini alfredo, eggplant rollatini). Then would be a raw seafood bar, and followed by cold options (salad, fresh fruit, etc). Finally is dessert: offer wedding cake, and some pastries, with coffee and espresso. As there are so many courses, I would recommend having them plates, and in small portions, so that everyone may taste each.
At the end of the day, shatter a vase or glass into many pieces – each piece is said to signify a happy year of marriage.
For favors, have your favorite Italian love poem printed onto a bookmark or on a ceramic tile (There are kits to do the tiles yourself at most craft stores). You could also give away small bottles of olive oil, with a bread dipping recipe, or a breadstick recipe. Decorate with murano glass and venetian crafts, if possible. Spring for glass grape placeholders, and decorate with flowers, ivy, and fresh grapes.
6. Halloween (casual) – Black and Orange would be the typical colors that are expected here. Ask guests to wear a costume. Decorate with spiderwebs, black and orange (or red) flowers, and anything else eerie . For centerpieces, use cauldrons as flower vases. Give out miniature coffins filled with (red!) candy as favors; these can also be used for place card holders.
7. Halloween (formal) – Can you have a sophisticated Halloween party? Of course you can. Instead of decorating in black and orange, decorate in black, silver, and crimson. Flowers can be of these colors; you can also throw in a few red or dark purple flowers in as well. You could leave masks at each place, or dark colored candles. There should also be lots of candle decorations, with gothic/antique candle holders and candelabras. Look for silver pieces, or darker bronzes that suit the decor. Decorate with other elegant Halloween options. Use velvet, or another similar heavy fabric, for table covers and chair covers. I suggest crimson or black velvet, with a lace (silver or crimson, depending on your linen choice) runner. Look for silver trays to put food on, and silver goblets for the bride and groom to drink from. I suggest using a horse drawn carriage to exit, to add the ambiance.
8. Egyptian – Have traditional dancers if you can find them. Traditionally, one or more belly dancers should escort the leaving bride and groom out of the building. As a color scheme, choose gold, cream, and white. Decorate with Egyptian statues, or paintings. Often you can rent statues, vases, and columns. Use gold whenever you can, eat off golden plates, and drink from golden goblets (this can be just for the bride and the groom. Everyone else can eat off white plates.) Serve stuffed grape leaves, spinach ravioli, lasagna, or any other Egyptian food that you may like. Centerpieces can include mini-pyramids with sand sprinkled around them, like the desert. For favors, fill pyramid favor boxes with small candies.
9. Fairy (outdoors)- Try to find a park, or a garden for location. Flowers should be the majority of decorations. As a favor, give out small gel candles with a flower inside. You can also give out candy (marzipan, chocolate) mushrooms, or butterflies. Use white furniture, decorating the backs of chairs with flower garlands. You’re aiming for a “fairy garden” feel. Do a butterfly release to end the ceremony. Have the cake decorated with flowers, with fairy figurines sitting around or on the top of the cake.
10. Fairy (indoors) – Decorate with lots of flowers, and soft, delicate fabrics, in colors of lilac, pastel green, and light blue, and blush pink. You can also incorporate small fairy figurines. Sprinkle little lights where you can, and decorate with an abundance of candles, and flower garlands. Aim for a woodland fairy theme, ie A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Wear a flower wreath, and have trailing ribbons from your bouquet to add to the appeal.Sprinkle rose petals on all the tables.

Different Cities in Japan


Third largest city in Japan

Home to Osaka aquarium

Universal Studios located here


Site of atomic bombing

Peace memorial park located here

Hiroshima castle and Shukkeien garden reconstructed post bombing


Site of atomic bombing

Contains many Buddhist temples and shrines

Suwa shrine hosts Nagasaki Kunchi, a cultural festival

Nagasaki peace park built here


Second largest city in Japan

Has Japan’s largest Chinatown (one of the largest in the world)


Many shrines and temples located here

Beaches also serve as an attraction as part of the Charming Asia Tours


Was once the capital of Japan

Contains many historically important sites

Gion Matsuri and Chichibu Yomatsuri (Japan’s best festivals) take place here


Hosts one of the most beautiful festivals of Japan – the Takayama festival

Known for its old town


Was once the capital of Japan

Oldest temples of the country located here


Home to Japan’s best landscape garden – Kenrokuen

Is of great historical importance


Located very close to Nikko National Park

Ideal location for those who enjoy hiking

Known for its autumn colors and transformation

Chapter 4: Sites You Cannot Miss

This chapter focuses extensively on the sites and tourist attractions that you must make sure you visit on your trip to Japan. After all, a trip without these might just feel incomplete. Listed below are the locations you absolutely cannot miss.

Mount Fuji: Fuji is an active volcano which is also Japan’s highest mountain, this is must see on your list.

Ogasawara islands: These are a chain of islands that cater to the adventurer in you – providing opportunity for scenic beauty and human activity to coexist.

Miyajima: This Island provides one of the best views in the country and is home to the Itsukushima shrine, known for its floating gate.

Tokyo Imperial Palace: Home to the Emperor of Japan, you must visit the place in order to appreciate its history.

Yakushima: Home to some of the oldest living trees in Japan, this island must be visited – it provides beautiful hiking trails.

Yaeyama islands: These are a group of islands that are peaceful and serene – ideal for beach visits and escaping the city.

Yamadera temple: Located near the city of Yamagata, the temple is located in the mountains and provides a beautiful view along with an amazing temple experience.

Cherry blossom spots: These are located all around the country and must be visited so you can see the trees in full bloom (during the months of April-May).

Autumn leaves spotting: Another activity for those who enjoy nature’s attraction, the spots are located all around the country and must be viewed if you are visiting in the months of November-December.

Sensoji: It is one of Japan’s most popular temples and is also the oldest temple in Tokyo. You must visit the colorful and vibrant temple.

Himeji Castle: This castle is well-known for being the most preserved castle in Japan, and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Hot springs: These are located in various places across Japan, and you must make sure you visit at least one of them!

Kenrokuen garden: It is considered Japan’s most beautiful garden, and is a must visit for nature lovers!

Tokyo National Museum: It the oldest museum in Japan – and hosts the largest collection of historically important artifacts in the country.

Hokkaido: It is an open air museum that depicts the vivid history of Japan in a breathtaking manner.

Chapter 5: Getting Around Japan

Types Of Acne Hormonal

The most effective foods that clear up acne are rich in a range of beneficial nutrients that will help heal your epidermis while providing your system with optimal nutrition. The foods that are great for clearing acne normally have vit a, zinc or Omega-3 fatty acids. A close up of green peppers. Pimples and Prevention Always apply sunscreen before you go outside. While do-it-yourself solutions help ease marks, prevention serves as the very best control method. Avoid picking, rubbing, poking, squeezing or else touching pimples, simply because these actions heighten inflammation and skin damage. One serving of any cereal such as Total Wholegrain Cereal or Post Selects Wholegrain Cereal contains at least 16 grams of whole grain. Have got a bowl of cereal every day by using a serving of low-fat milk to find the whole grains and vitamins A and D you may need for healthy skin. Often, a combination of medicines is required to have the optimum effects. The effectiveness of natural options is surely an part of debate for several medical professionals who believe more research is required to justify the claims.

The Mayo Clinic warns it can have dangerous side effects, including suicidal thoughts, it is therefore reserved for acne that does not reply to any conventional remedies. Based on the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), isotretinoin is provided to get a limited duration of 20 weeks. I is much more common in men than women and can recur at any stage in your life for reasons that remain unknown. According to The Treatments for Modern Western Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine, by Bob Flaws and Philippe Sionneau, cystic acne is given isotretinion, an antibiotic. And adults aren’t exempt; the American Academy of Dermatology reports that an increasing number of women have acne inside their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Dermatologists often treat acne with medications, including retinoids and antibiotics. While there are plenty of treatments available, exercise caution when you use them. Skin-lightening creams, for instance, can permanently remove pigment, that can be disfiguring for an individual of African American descent.

The intense cold will reduce the flow of blood towards the area and calm the redness from the scars Apply unprocessed honey into the acne scarring, or the full face, to reduce the redness and peeling from the scars. Leave the honey on for around 30 minutes. Mild cases of acne could need nothing more than increased care about hygiene and some exfoliation. More damaging cases take advantage of topical creams that can help kill bacteria, while really serious cases might require treatment with systemic antibiotics to reduce skin bacterial populations. Drugs designed to treat depression and stress often will be the culprits. In line with the National Institutes of Health, antidepressants such as beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers may cause bad acne in older women. Research published from the April 2008 “Journal of Dermatological Science” found out that adopting a low glycemic load diet significantly improved signs of acne in a group of 30 male research subjects. Sweet potatoes are full of dietary fiber, ascorbic acid and potassium – additional resources All these alternatives contain certain levels of different types of ginseng, for example Asian ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng; Siberian ginseng, sometimes called Eleutherococcus senticosus; and American ginseng, generally known as Panax quinquefolius, in accordance with a 2003 article in the American Family Physician website.

Dermatologists call these ingredients “comedogenic,” as they can result in the eruption of whiteheads and blackheads, or comedones, when they are available in connection with the skin. Comedones that remain engrossed in skin are known as whiteheads. Whiteheads typically don’t break with the skin, but push in the surface using an inflamed bump often filled up with puss. The illness is normal and in most cases is recognised as a light to moderate method of acne. Prescription therapy for back acne include retinoid creams such as tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene, all of which are well-studied and also have proved effective. Soak a clean wash cloth in tepid water, and employ it to gently wipe away the mask. Pour 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt right into a bowl. Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of quick oats for the bowl.

A half-hour of aerobic activity, like dancing or bike riding, on the majority of days of every week can even ease the indications of PMS. The American Academy of Dermatology states that various kinds of birth control can decrease warning signs of PMS, including acne. However, these office-based LED machines provide better treatments than Tanda’s home devices. Users offered very mixed reviews of the Tanda blue LED acne cure devices on the website Acne and other websites. Different patterns of acne breakouts answer to different treatments, and zinc is best suited for inflammatory acne seen as bacterial involvement. In just one study, published from the Journal on the American Academy of Dermatology in 1997, researchers checked out 160 women taking oral contraceptives with those ingredients.